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Fidelux Improves Inventory Control and Gains Clarity with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Located in the vibrant heart of Connecticut, Fidelux Lighting has established itself as a leader in delivering innovative LED lighting solutions that champion energy efficiency and sustainability. Driven by a vision to expand its horizons, Fidelux embarked on a strategic shift towards a distributor-centric sales approach, a move aimed at bolstering its market presence and strengthening distributor relationships. This bold step has proven to be a resounding success for Fidelux.



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Challenges Fidelux Faced



The transition to this new model revealed significant operational challenges. The reliance on QuickBooks exposed gaps in their capability to efficiently manage the nuanced demands of inventory management and commission processing critical for the success of their new model.




For the first three to four months we were doing a lot of the commission tracking on spreadsheets,” says Leslie Alt, Senior Software Support Specialist. “It took us a full workday to filter through the orders and determine the commissions that needed to be paid.”




QuickBooks, while a reliable tool, fell short of meeting all of Fidelux’s needs in inventory control and order management. It was especially difficult when some customer orders required switching out a part to create different lighting kit assemblies. But “we didn’t have the ability to track anything in QuickBooks, so there wasn’t a history of a part being removed or changed, which meant we couldn’t accurately reflect the cost of the finished good,” Alt says.











In their quest for a robust solution to their operational quandaries, Fidelux Lighting explored several ERP systems. Their search was not just about finding software to fill the gaps left by QuickBooks but about choosing a partner that could grow with them. The team considered options like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics 365, weighing each for its inventory management and commission processing capabilities. Yet, these alternatives, while powerful, didn't quite fit the unique blend of flexibility and scalability Fidelux needed.



The turning point came when Fidelux discovered Acumatica Cloud ERP. Unlike other systems, Acumatica offered an unparalleled combination of cloud-based agility, comprehensive inventory control, and a transparent licensing model. What set Acumatica apart was its consumption-based licensing, a stark contrast to the user-based fees of other platforms. This meant Fidelux could grant access to their growing network of distributors without worrying about escalating costs.




 A quote of Shivani Raval, Director of Operations at Fidelux, about the reason of choosing Acumatica Cloud ERP





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Key Benefits



Switching to Acumatica Cloud ERP marked a significant shift for Fidelux Lighting. The once cumbersome processes that bogged down their operations have been streamlined, allowing the team to pivot back to innovation and strategic growth. The challenges of a distributor-centric model, compounded by QuickBooks' limitations, are now behind them.



Acumatica's solution brought not just an upgrade but a transformation. It provided the tools needed for efficient inventory management and automated commission processing, liberating the team from tedious manual work. This change led to more than operational efficiency; it unlocked a new level of strategic freedom for Fidelux.




Key Results of Fidelux with Acumatica Cloud ERP in place





Inventory visibility, once a significant hurdle, is now a strength. Real-time updates and detailed tracking support better decision-making and financial management.




“Acumatica helps us make sure all components are reflected accurately in inventory,says Shivani Raval. “It also makes sure we know what each component is related to what light and accurately reflects the true cost of a kit assembly.”




Acumatica allows anyone to update a sales order with new information effortlessly, even when parts are replaced, adds Raval. This feature was not available in QuickBooks, where the entire order process required the assistance of two people. However, with Acumatica, Raval highlights that only one person is now needed to process an order.




A quote of Leslie Alt, Software Support Specialist, about Acumatica Cloud ERP





Raval commended Acumatica's user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, which is consistent throughout the entire system. According to her, all of her teams, including customer service, warehouse, accounting, and finance, use Acumatica and find it easy to comprehend. The system's transparency enables anyone to identify issues with a customer order and determine the root cause of the problem.




A quote of Shivani Raval, Director of operations at Fidelux, about Acumatica Cloud ERP











From Challenges to Triumph: Your Journey with Acumatica Starts Here     


Fidelux Lighting's journey from operational inefficiencies to streamlined success with Acumatica Cloud ERP is a testament to the transformative power of the right ERP solution. Their story is just one of many instances where Acumatica has played a pivotal role in reshaping business landscapes. For more insights and success stories like Fidelux’s, we invite you to explore our blog.



As an esteemed Acumatica partner, our company is dedicated to guiding businesses through their digital transformation journeys. We offer a comprehensive suite of Acumatica-related services, positioning ourselves as a one-stop shop for all your ERP needs. Whether you're seeking to understand how Acumatica can benefit your operations or you're ready for a deep dive with a custom demo, our team is here to provide the expertise and support you need.



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Don't let operational challenges dim your company's potential. Reach out to us for a consultation and discover how Acumatica Cloud ERP can illuminate the path to success for your business, just as it did for Fidelux Lighting.




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