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AFF Group Boosts Growth and Revenue with Acumatica Cloud ERP

In 2020, AFF Group, a leader in aftermarket textiles, began a new chapter. Based in Lyman, South Carolina, the company specializes in textiles for the automotive, marine, retail, and hospitality industries. They provide products like ceiling headliners, leather goods, fabric, foam, and vinyl. 


about AFF Group



Over nearly thirty years, AFF Group has earned a reputation for quality and steady growth. However, outdated systems, manual workflows, and a lack of formal processes caused the company's growth to stall before it was acquired by new management.




Challenges AFF Group Faced


AFF Group's new management, led by CEO Ben Leinster and CFO Mark Smith, saw an opportunity to rejuvenate the company and double its revenues without significantly increasing staff. Yet, they faced substantial challenges.



Initially, the company used an outdated version of Sage for accounting, invoicing, customer service, and order entry, so they sought a better financial system.


a quote of Mark Smith, CFO at AFF Group, about challenges AFF Group had with Sage



As a result, financial records were inaccurate, inventory control was non-existent, and production relied on chasing down materials for each order before shipping.



Production operations further suffered, operating on a chaotic build-to-order basis, resulting in scrambling for materials and inefficient workflows. The lack of formal processes and systems compounded these challenges, leading to an over-reliance on manual work, paper trails, and spreadsheets. This undermined AFF Group’s efficiency, causing errors and delays, and contributed to stagnated growth.



New management recognized the need for an integrated, cloud-based solution that could streamline operations, improve inventory management, and provide real-time information for better decision-making. This would allow the company to double revenues and increase production without significantly expanding its workforce, positioning AFF Group for long-term success.




Searching for the Right Solution



AFF Group's management began a comprehensive search for a solution to modernize their operations, streamline inventory management, and implement formal systems. They evaluated four or five ERP systems, seeking a cloud-based platform to reduce manual processes, provide real-time information, and support the company's growth without a significant increase in staff. Sage was ruled out due to its high upgrade costs, while Oracle NetSuite emerged as a contender alongside Acumatica.


a quote of Mark Smith, CFO at AFF Group, about their search for the solution to migrate from Sage



Management ultimately chose Acumatica for its pricing structure, which allows growth without penalty, and for its mobility features, which enable the sales team to access inventory data from anywhere. He also liked Acumatica’s open API, a flexible cloud platform.



Implementing Acumatica quickly proved beneficial, but the transition posed initial challenges. The team faced a steep learning curve, adapting to new processes, systems, and barcoding tools, many for the first time. Despite these hurdles, AFF Group's operations and financials have greatly benefited, reducing manual work, improving reporting accuracy, and increasing efficiency, resulting in better decision-making and sustainable growth.





Key Benefits


key results of AFF Group with Acumatica Cloud ERP




The Power of Real-Time Data for AFF Group’s Growth



The adoption of Acumatica Cloud ERP has brought substantial real-time data benefits to AFF Group, revolutionizing how they manage and analyze information across the organization. The company now has immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information, which has significantly improved decision-making and overall efficiency.


a quote of Anita Easler, Director of Transportation at AFF Group about the benefits AFF Group gained with Acumatica Cloud ERP



Cory Childers, Production Manager, describes the implementation of MRP (Material Requirements Planning) as a game changer. According to him, the system has significantly improved their operations by providing clear visibility into their orders and production schedule. Additionally, AFF Group relies on Acumatica to quickly access any necessary information and to catch errors in its processes.


On-Time Deliveries and Improved Production



AFF|group operates two primary manufacturing facilities. One facility is in the process of implementing a shop floor data collection system (SFDC). The other facility has significantly improved its efficiency, leading to the timely completion of orders and on-time truck departures.



People previously had to wait to get product and wait to load trucks,” Smith says. “Now we don’t have that problem. Everything is made to stock and everything is ready. We typically had to wait for production to cut hundreds of pieces of foam to fill our Florida truck on Monday morning, and this week, we only had to wait for them to cut two.



a quote of Ben Leinster, CEO at AFF Group, about the power of Acumatica for AFF Group



The current process involves retrieving all items and arranging them before loading them onto a truck. Although occasionally an item is missed, the team is motivated to enhance their operations.



Their aim is to implement a system where every item entering and exiting a truck is scanned, enabling quick identification of any missing items. The team is striving to increase the number of daily outbound trucks threefold compared to pre-Acumatica times.



Acumatica has facilitated a decrease in out-of-stock situations and provided accurate information for timely order placement and delivery. Additionally, the sales team now has access to real-time inventory levels and shipping schedules while on the go, which was not possible previously.


a quote of Ben Leinster, CEO at AFF Group, about a huge selling point of Acumatica




Maximizing Margins with Real-Time Information



AFF Group is now rolling out Acumatica’s shop floor data collection system, moving from a batch system to a live, real-time operation. This upgrade is crucial for improving efficiency and reducing waste. Smith and his team are also exploring additional applications from Acumatica’s ISV partners to further enhance productivity.



There’s only one way to grow our margins, and that’s to be more efficient,” Smith explains. “We need to control waste and understand what’s happening in manufacturing.”



The transition was challenging but necessary. “We told everyone this was going to be tough for three months because everything was changing. Halfway through, people questioned the decision, but now everyone agrees it was the right move,” Smith says. “We feel much better about where we are now, even though there’s still a lot to learn. No one can imagine going back to the old way.”


a quote of Ben Leinster, CEO at AFF Group, about new opportunities for AFF Group with Acumatica Cloud ERP


Partnering for Success with AcuPower


The success of AFF Group with Acumatica demonstrates the powerful impact a tailored ERP solution can have on your business. Acumatica helped them streamline operations, improve efficiency, and drive significant growth. At AcuPower, we understand the unique challenges you face, and we’re here to help you achieve similar results.



As a business owner or C-level executive, you need solutions that deliver real value and drive your business forward. AcuPower offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet your specific needs. From consultations and custom demonstrations to seamless implementation and ongoing support, we ensure Acumatica fits your business perfectly.




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Why book a demo with AcuPower? Here’s what’s in it for you:


  • Tailored Insights: We’ll show you how Acumatica can address your unique business challenges, from inventory management to real-time data access.


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  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from our deep expertise and personalized approach, ensuring Acumatica aligns with your strategic goals.


  • Long-Term Support: Our partnership doesn’t end at implementation. We provide ongoing training and technical support to help you maximize your investment.




At AcuPower, we succeed when you succeed. We are dedicated to listening to your needs, providing tailored solutions, and supporting your growth every step of the way.


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