Chat GPT Integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP Is Certified! Update

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We have exciting news for all Acumatica Cloud ERP users and fans of Chat GPT. 🎉 


Our AcuPower team successfully integrated Chat GPT into Acumatica, and our integration was certified! 



Update: It was first certified for Acumatica 22R2. Now, it's also certified for 23R2. 



This solution helps companies speed up their responses to customers about their orders, shipments, and invoices. What is more, this integration helps you analyze the data much quicker. Ask Chat GPT to analyze your invoices or rephrase the email you want to send to your customer via Acumatica.




Our CTO and co-founder, Yuriy Zaletskyy, presented our integration on acuCONNECT, and you have an awesome opportunity to witness it in action! 





Work faster and smarter with modern technology! Access and analyze the information you need in a few clicks and provide it to your customers instantly. Your clients will be on the cloud 9. 




Reach out to us if you have additional questions regarding our Chat GPT integration. 



Or take a test drive of this integration. 


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Are you new to Acumatica and interested in learning more about how you can scale with it and streamline your operations? 


Watch an overview video: 



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