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Unlock the Power of Embedded Integrations in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Transitioning business systems into the cloud provides accessibility, scalability, and IT overhead advantages. But for operations running niche solutions for years, ripping out legacy tools poses adoption hurdles.



This is where Acumatica Cloud ERP uniquely retains existing software investments through its embedded integration framework – weaving specialty apps right into everyday workflows rather than displacing them.



This article explores how Acumatica retaining critical niche tools through integration helps future-proof processes for growth and efficiency gains.



We’ll cover:


  • Defining True “Embedded” Integration
  • Real-World Integrations Acumatica Users Leverage
  • Developer Tools Speeding Connectivity
  • The Benefits vs Middleware Approaches
  • How Customized Processes Set Businesses Apart



Discover how Acumatica integration proficiency helps update technology stacks incrementally to meet changing market needs.





Defining “Embedded” Integration in Acumatica



Most cloud platforms provide basic hooks for syncing data using APIs to external tools. Acumatica Cloud ERP uniquely goes further through embedded integrations, allowing specialty add-ons to run natively within ERP screens.



Rather than constantly switching between separate applications, niche solutions connect contextually into the menus and workflows staff use daily. Customer experience (CX) tools would appear in CRM menus. Distribution apps activate from order entry selections.



Similar to how downloading a smart app expands a mobile phone’s capabilities, embedded integrations effectively weave complementary software functionality into Acumatica environments.



No fragile middleware connections, complex hosting configurations, or reliance on external teams. Open APIs instead enable custom platforms to interlink innately across Acumatica for easy expansion, matching business needs.





Real-World Embedded Apps



While Acumatica provides complete functionality for core financials, inventory, manufacturing and customer experience (CX) out of the box, connecting microvertical extensions custom-fits Cloud ERP to unique operational requirements:



  • UPS/FedEx Shipping - Embed carrier rating/manifesting directly into order processing
  • Shopify and Magento - Connect eCommerce data into accounting
  • DocuSign Integration - Enable eSignatures flows for contracts and approvals
  • Expensify - Automate spend management processes



This demonstrates only a fraction of embedded capabilities extending Acumatica workflows contextually using open API framework.






Tools to Accelerate Connecting into Acumatica



Acumatica provides software developer kits (SDK) to construct embedded app connectors and workflows, including:


Acumatica Framework - Declarative tools to build sophisticated workflows, custom reporting, automation and extensions running natively in Acumatica.

  • Microsoft Power Platform - Low-code platform for quickly connecting Dynamics 365, Office 365, Teams into Acumatica environments.
  • REST APIs – Robust web services enable programmatic access to Acumatica using common languages like .Net and Java.



These resources explain how Acumatica promotes configuration over hard-coded personalization - allowing both technical and non-technical users tailoring through declarative tools vs. lengthy custom development.






The Benefits vs Middleware Approaches



Traditional middleware integration relies on external engines to synchronize ERP systems with peripheral software. Solutions like IBM Websphere, MuleSoft, and Microsoft BizTalk have helped link data.



In cloud ERP contexts, middleware introduces a variety of issues:



  • Added recurring subscription fees per integration
  • Performance lags from syncing data across different cloud systems
  • Multi-vendor support complexity for apps, middleware, and ERP
  • Expensive professional services driving implementation



In contrast, Acumatica’s embedded approach keeps critical tools always accessible from familiar menus with data flowing contextually. This eases change management pains. Declarative clicks replace complex configuration deciphering.



Further gains include:



  • Real-time app execution with no laggy cloud sync waits
  • Single vendor able to support core financials through microapps
  • Web browser access without remote desktop app obstacles





Added Benefits of Cloud Integrations



Beyond preserving niche software investments during modernization, running distributions, manufacturing, or CX workflows in Acumatica Cloud ERP also upholds advantages against aging on-premise systems:



  • Unified Customer Profiles – Combining customer experience (CX), CRM and accounting data
  • Supply Chain Visibility – Inventory and logistics monitoring on mobile dashboards from any device
  • Scalability – Cloud infrastructure adapts rapidly to usage spikes
  • Low-Code AutomationAcuPower LTD tools speed workflows
  • Cost Control – Consolidate layers of disjointed applications into singular SaaS platform





Embedded integrations help retain niche yet vital solutions that make businesses unique while still gaining cloud efficiency.



Get Greater Lifespan from Existing Software Assets



Smoothly transitioning legacy suites while retaining critical apps gives upgraded stacks that support goals rather than obstruct them.



Acumatica’s specialized architecture offers:



→ Native app integration without losing niche operational software → Cloud scalability benefiting unpredictable commerce → Mobile and automation updating workforce efficiency





As aging on-premise solutions face expansion barriers from eCommerce to direct-to-consumer shifts, exploring tools like Acumatica to centralize integration makes sense. The platform brings real-time supply chain control even as markets fluctuate.



Reach out to schedule a personalized demonstration showing how Acumatica Cloud ERP and AcuPower LTD embedded integration expertise solve business challenges today while optimizing workflows for whatever tomorrow brings.



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