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Excel vs. ERP. The Best Solution for Distribution Companies

In the fast-paced world of the distribution industry, efficient management of operations is key to success. A common question arises: Is Excel an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system? 


While Excel is a powerful tool, understanding its capabilities and limitations, especially in comparison to a dedicated ERP system, is crucial for distribution businesses. This article explores whether Excel can serve as an ERP in the distribution sector and highlights why you might consider upgrading to an ERP system.





Excel in the Distribution Industry: A Closer Look



Familiarity and Accessibility: Excel is widely used in the distribution industry for its familiarity and easy access. It's a go-to tool for managing data, from inventory lists to sales records​​​​.


Manual Processes and Error Risks: Despite its convenience, Excel involves manual data entry, increasing the risk of errors. This can be problematic in distribution, where accurate data is vital for inventory management and order fulfilment​.


Limited Integration and Real-Time Data: Excel falls short in integrating with other systems and providing real-time data, which is crucial for dynamic decision-making in the distribution industry​​.




People in the distribution company using Excel. Chaos, no synchronization, lack of data management and visibility




The Transition to ERP: A Game-Changer for Distributors



Automated and Integrated Operations: Unlike Excel, ERP systems offer automated data processing and seamless integration across various business functions. This leads to increased efficiency and accuracy in operations​​.


Scalability and Customization: ERPs are built to handle the scalability challenges of growing businesses. They can be customized to the unique needs of the distribution industry, from tracking complex logistics to managing multiple warehouses​​.


Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting: ERPs provide robust data analysis and reporting tools, offering valuable insights for strategic planning and decision-making​​.


Improved Inventory Management: Distribution businesses benefit from ERP's advanced inventory management features, ensuring accurate stock levels and efficient order processing​​.


Real-time Access and Mobility: ERP systems offer real-time data access, which is crucial for the fast-moving distribution industry. This allows for better coordination and responsiveness to market changes​​.


People in the distribution company using an ERP system. Business growth, process automation, data visibility, less errors




Success Stories of Migration from Excel to an ERP system



There are several examples of companies that migrated from Excel to Acumatica Cloud ERP, particularly in the context of the distribution industry. These examples illustrate the challenges faced with Excel and the benefits realized after transitioning to Acumatica:




Cave Direct: A UK-based craft beer importer, Cave Direct, faced difficulties managing inventory across multiple warehouses using Excel. The data was often outdated, and the spreadsheets were not connected to their financial reporting system, leading to operational inefficiencies. After migrating to Acumatica, they were able to manage their inventory more effectively and streamline their operations​​.

A quote of Colin Gilhespy, Co-Owner and Managing Director of Cave Direct. I love to recommend Acumatica, but not to any of our competitors. Acumatica has transformed our business, given us access to real-time stock information, and given us the confidence that we can just keep on growing.



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Superprem Industries: This company experienced operational and financial reporting inefficiencies due to running outdated instances of Sage in their multiple locations. The move to Acumatica enabled them to gain better insight into their operations and manage their inventory more accurately​​.


A quote of Kevin Chiang, Chief Business Development Officer of Superprem Industries. I am constantly amazed with how Acumatica seems to just work. Anything we seem to imagine the system could do, we've been able to make happen without the assistance of external modifications.



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Bluefin: A distributor of licensed hobby and toy collectibles, Bluefin dealt with complex logistics and pre-order management using Excel. They required a more sophisticated system to manage the intricacies of their business. Acumatica provided them with a flexible, affordable solution with a robust CRM, enhancing their operational efficiency​​.



A quote of Chris Sakamoto, Chief Financial Officer of Bluefin Collectibles. Everyone that works for the company uses Acumatica in some way and appreciates they can access it from anywhere. With Acumatica, we eliminate the need for Excel files and Google docs for work around since Acumatica is our single-source-of-truth for information.



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Fidelux Lighting: Initially using QuickBooks, Fidelux Lighting, which transitioned its business model to sell through distributors, found that QuickBooks couldn't handle its new operational needs. Acumatica offered them a flexible inventory and cloud-based solution better suited to their distribution business model​​.



A quote of Shivani Raval, Director of Operations of Fidelux. We’ve tripled our distribution rep agencies since we started. As we move into new markets, Acumatica gives us the confidence that we can handle the increase in transactions and growth with ease for many years.




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Bob Davis Sales: This company, which evolved from a manufacturer's rep to a product distributor, was using multiple systems that didn't communicate with each other. The transition to Acumatica streamlined their operations by consolidating these systems into a single efficient one, enhancing their inventory management and sales tracking capabilities​​.



A quote of Brett Davis, Operations Manager of Bob Davis Sales. Logging into one system and having access to inventory, sales and other information from more than 25 vendors of various forms in one system is incredibly helpful. In addition to getting used to the single-number inventory system, employees adopted new, more efficient processes.




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Conclusion: Making the Right Choice for Your Distribution Business



While Excel is a useful tool for basic data management, it is not designed to handle the complex, integrated, and scalable needs of the distribution industry. Transitioning to an ERP system can bring significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and strategic decision-making.



So What?


Are you in the distribution industry and considering an ERP to transform your business operations? Book a call with our expert team to explore how an ERP solution can specifically benefit your distribution business. Don’t let the limitations of Excel hinder your growth. Embrace the comprehensive capabilities of an ERP and propel your business to new heights.



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