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Do More with Less: Fully Integrated Project Management in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Project Management visualization


There is currently a transfer taking place in the business world as systems and data are becoming quicker and easier to access. Yet many business owners are still operating on outdated systems that are slow, inefficient, and costly. Whether it is delayed payments, inaccurate management data needed for planning and reporting, cash flow issues, or incorrect invoicing, the source of the problem is often old software that is unable to keep up with the fast pace of today’s business operations.



Acumatica brings a solution that will change the way firms do business by managing and accounting for projects much more effectively and efficiently. By managing your projects in a fully integrated system, your project accounting data and workflows extend to AP, AR, purchase and sales orders, time management, and inventory management. 



Acumatica’s features can be categorized into three major areas that address the critical needs of today’s businesses: Financial Management, Business Management, and Cost Control.






Financial Management





General Ledger (GL)



Acumatica provides the ability to smoothly organize all accounts in one place through its powerful yet flexible general ledger. The GL provides rapid access to data and reports for analysis of your company's finances. This provides a clear and quick view of all resources used across the enterprise. The general ledger also allows quick insertion of data from any device, whether you are in the office or remote, so users can access and make changes to accounts easily and quickly. With a high level of ability to restrict user access roles and robust approval mapping, your GL will be protected and up-to-date. 


Types of ledgers in Acumatica Cloud ERP




Accounts Payable (AP)



Tracking cash flow has never been easier with Acumatica's Account payable software. Users will be able to track due dates, invoices, and cash requirements, all at the click of a button. With Acumatica cloud-based software, you will be able to get the information anytime, anywhere. Customize your accounts to approve payments and defer payments based on the needs required. With these features, you will be able to get your contractors their payments in a timely and efficient manner.



Payables module in Acumatica Cloud ERP





Accounts Receivable (AR)



The ease of managing accounts is also found in Acumatica’s AR software. Through its automation processing, Acumatica allows tracking funds, managing refunds, and running comprehensive reports on your customers and sales history in your desired format. With flexible billing structures, you can create and deliver invoices that have all the necessary information needed.



Receivables module in Acumatica Cloud ERP









Project Management Software Functionality 



Acumatica provides in-depth project accounting functionality for managing budgets, costs, and project tasks. This data allows managers to align resources, prepare plans and lay the administrative groundwork for new projects as they arise. Monitor any project with accurate, real-time cost data. 



Project management functionality in this cloud ERP system is perfect for those who are looking to create project budgets and track them against all actual costs, such as labor, materials, and services, and use flexible billing rules to bill and recognize revenue properly.



Retaining talent is critical to any company’s long-term success. Turnover is minimized when employees are satisfied with their work and feel supported and properly utilized. Instead of spending time on menial tasks, you can empower your team with the software required to compete and excel in today’s business climate. 



Acumatica allows project managers to manage a crew's time on a project and accurately pay their employees without breaking the bank on overtime. Accurately account for how much it will cost to pay each worker on a site, so revenues always outpace costs on each project. This business management software completely removes any questions or unknowns when managing your projects. 





Advanced Expense Management



Save time and manpower while reducing errors with advanced expense management software that provides the ability to automatically make payments, check to see which payments have already been made, and notify you when it's time for payment. By leveraging powerful AI technology, you can easily eliminate any duplicate payments and organize new payments without any manual effort. 



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Cost Control and Reduction 



The expense of a system like Acumatica is a tremendous investment for your business that offers a high return on investment. By reducing human error and manual efforts, you can produce better results with less payroll cost. Instead of managing your business, you can grow your business! 


Advance Expense Management visualization



Since this cloud ERP software is user-friendly and intuitive, your team will have access to real-time data that is actionable, empowering them to spend less time gathering information and more time analyzing and acting on the data. See below for a video that demonstrates the various reporting tools Acumatica offers to project managers and supervisors. 





Knowing your exact margins produces more accurate results but will also provide a clearer picture of various strategies for future planning, allowing you to reach your goals and promote business growth. With a flexible GL account and sub-account structure, users can define the structure of GL accounts and sub-accounts and organize reporting and analysis configuration by defining segments, segment lengths, and segment values. Nearly unlimited reporting dimensions can slice financial reports by product, department, and user-defined segment. Display consolidated and summarized data monthly, yearly, and quarterly views.






Streamline Your Project Management Process with an All-in-One Cloud ERP System.




As an Acumatica partner and an Acumatica development service provider, we feel you about the project management challenges and needs. Before we deliver our custom solution to the customer, it goes through the whole project lifecycle. Each of our projects relies on effective management so that we deliver our solution on time and with high quality. We want to help you conduct effective project management and connect your projects to financials, inventory, and time management. 



At AcuPower, we have seen how businesses that leverage technology to connect all team members and critical functions are able to accelerate their growth. Our team of experts is committed to finding solutions that can be customized to fit your unique experiences and pain points. Whatever your business requirements are, we have a solution for you at AcuPower.



If you are ready to learn more about how you can take advantage of modern technology to scale your business, contact us today to speak to our Acumatica consultant or schedule a custom demo. 



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