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Revive ERP’s Collaborative Journey with AcuPower. Custom Acumatica Solutions

Revive ERP specializes in delivering scalable, cloud-based financial management solutions tailored for architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Their mission is to streamline workflows, integrate systems, and provide actionable business intelligence through a user-friendly subscription model. As they sought to expand their capabilities, they discovered AcuPower, a renowned service provider within the Acumatica ecosystem.



Revive ERP embarked on a transformative journey with AcuPower to enhance their Acumatica offerings in their target verticals. This partnership, focused on creating custom modules for certification tracking, vacation management, and resource planning, showcases the power of collaboration in driving innovative solutions.





Discovering AcuPower


Paul MacKenzie, a principal at Revive ERP, came across Yuriy Zaletskyy's blog while exploring Acumatica development. Yuriy, the CTO and co-founder of AcuPower, is a recognized Acumatica MVP (Most Valuable Professional) from 2019 to 2024. A recommendation from Mark Mynatt of DCAA Solutions, an Acumatica reseller, further solidified AcuPower’s reputation, prompting Paul to initiate contact.



Yuriy Zaletskyy. CTO and co-founder of AcuPower. Acumatica Most Valuable Professional 2019-2024





Project Developments



Certification Tracking Module


The collaboration between Revive ERP and AcuPower began with the development of a certification tracking module to manage employee qualifications. This project was a success, resulting in a robust system that enhanced project assignment efficiency. 


quote by Paul MacKenzie, a Principal at Revive ERP, about the first project with AcuPower




Employee PTO Request and Tracking Module


Building on this success, the partnership evolved to address additional needs. The next significant project involved enhancing an employee's PTO (paid time off) requests and tracking module. A baseline build of the module existed, developed by a different party, which enabled employees to manually track vacation hours and manage requests. 



AcuPower undertook a new phase of work to achieve a higher level of automation and integration. After reviewing the existing module, the AcuPower team recommended rewriting the code to adhere to Acumatica's best practices, ensuring stability, improved performance, and future certification potential. This phase, completed in approximately 250 hours, automated vacation management processes, including PTO requests and timecard updates.




Resource Planning Module


One of the flagship projects of this partnership is the resource planning module. Designed to integrate certifications, project assignments, and availability tracking, this module provides a comprehensive resource management solution. Although still in Beta testing, it promises to significantly enhance operational efficiency by allowing project managers to view employee availability and project requirements, facilitating better project planning and staffing. 


quote by Paul MacKenzie, a Principal at Revive ERP, about the resource planning module.





Smaller Projects and Continuous Improvement


Throughout their 18-month partnership, Revive ERP and AcuPower have also completed numerous smaller projects, including integrations, customizations, and new reports. MacKenzie appreciates AcuPower's agility and expertise in addressing specific customer problems quickly and efficiently. "Big or small, we’ve enjoyed a consistent experience with the AcuPower team – attention to detail, excellent QA, timeliness."



MacKenzie's experience with AcuPower has been overwhelmingly positive. He emphasized the knowledge and reliability of AcuPower’s team, noting that their approach to project development has significantly benefited Revive ERP. 


quote by Paul MacKenzie, a Principal at Revive ERP, about the AcuPower's knowledge of Acumatica and approach to customizing it.



He also highlighted the importance of clear specifications and thorough testing, attributing the quality of their solutions to AcuPower’s meticulous approach.
MacKenzie also values AcuPower's strategic methodology, advising companies to develop long-term goals and build solutions incrementally, as Revive ERP has done successfully with AcuPower. "Develop a long-term goal and build it piece by piece. It's better to do it strategically and step by step," he advised.




Mutual Trust and Effective Communication


The partnership between Revive ERP and AcuPower has been characterized by mutual trust and effective communication. "We have always dealt fairly with each other. There can be give and take when solving problems. I don’t ever doubt that the advice I get from AcuPower is right for the situation," MacKenzie concluded. 


quote by Paul MacKenzie, a Principal at Revive ERP, about AcuPower's focus on testing and quality control.



Final Thoughts


Revive ERP's journey with AcuPower demonstrates the impact of a collaborative approach in developing tailored solutions that drive business success. Ready to enhance your business operations with custom Acumatica solutions? Partner with AcuPower for tailored development services that propel your business forward. Get a free consultation from AcuPower to discover how we can help you achieve your business goals.



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